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3rd May 2020  

Gotta make a start on a Foldapuz game, today, but I'm at a loss as to what that might be.
Currently thinking a cluster sort of thing, filling in the grid with letters to make groups of maybe 4 or 5 tile chunks.
I think that'd word, but it feels like it might end up being too much like Rebordered.
Not sure.

Today's Plan.
1. Post Space Popcorn
2. Wake up my brain and figure out a puzzle!


Unrelated Grumble

I've been throwing things into a PrimeNow.Amazon shopping list, checking every few hours, and then clicking "Order" as soon as a slot comes up.
We've now got about half-a-dozen onions in the house, and the fridge is starting to stink.

Could really do with a "Cancel all the onions, please!" button after an order's been submitted, before it's started to be packed.

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