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Dungeon Puzzler?
5th May 2020  

I started work on a Dungeon Puzzler, last night, on SmileBASIC/Petit Switch.


The game's plan (hopefully)

1. You've a character, a key in a chest, and a door to exit through once you've got the key.
2. There are enemies around the map.
3. You take a step, then all the baddies also take a step towards you.
4. Try to make it out, alive.

Assuming I can get the generator to work well enough, the plan will be to guide the player through the maze, grab the key and reach the exit, before the baddies catch you.
How well this works out will be entirely down to how well I can get a puzzle generator to work.

I'm thinking that either of two options will work best.
A - Work backwards from the exit, find a path, plant the seeds, until I reach a good starting point.
B - Brute force until it comes up with a working path!

I'm tempted to do A, but I feel that B might work quicker, and with a more repeatable solution.

Today I'll be attempting to get that working.
If it does work, it might be a good idea to do a remake for Browsercade, too.
But only if it works!

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