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A Rewrite?
10th May 2020  
Attempt number #359709537 of the website overhaul.
This one went a little further than previous attempts, but the giant sidebar wasn't that great, and the way the blogs were being formatted looked ugly as heck.



I've learned a lot, this week.
What does and doesn't work, when reduced to a snippet.
What kinds of things fit better together on the front page.
What method I should use for "full page" content.

And, of course, I've inevitably scrapped an absolute ton of content.
Even yesterday's attempt has been thrown away.

Boxes everywhere.

Back to the drawing board

I'm using the app "Procreate" on iPad for my scribbling, as it's quite handy for scribbling little doodles of intended concepts and things.

This is the new plan..

It's quite an overhaul.
A new sidebar on the left with icons for all the various important bits, which should lead to various feeds.
The feeds will be gathered into daily highlights, meaning that even on really busy days, there's still only one box for that day.

The search box is integrated into the header, and is MUCH neater than having the current sprawling "menu". The menu should only appear in the search pages, not everywhere.

I'm also thinking that different background colours should match the various sections.

That's a fairly big overhaul, right there..

Now I just need to code all of it.
.... Aaargh!!!

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