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Shoebox - Poke 5,n
  11th May, 2020
v1.145 - Added the game Poke 5,n

Use the five provided poke-types, and poke at five of the tiles, in order to match the given target grid.

Easy mode is more of a tutorial, Normal mixes things up, and then Hard really ramps things up.

You can Play Poke 5,n in the Shoebox, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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What I Didn't Do

The original version of this game had a lovely "Rewind" feature whenever you got a puzzle wrong. This version doesn't. That was far too difficult to replicate!

Other than that, it's more or less the same.

I WAS going to add a "Flip X/Y" thing, but realised there was no way to properly animate that, when the back of the tile was in fact .. the other tile!!
So, that got skipped.

Still a fairly hard puzzler, once it gets going, though.

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