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Mathematically Squeezed
13th May 2020  
So, I see that CSS has finally evolved enough that simple subtractions are now actually doable.
About smegging time!!


True, I haven't actually bothered to read-up on CSS's development since I first did SoCoder about a decade ago, and the "calc()" function has probably been in there for just about as long..
But over the past few days since I learned it was there, I've put it to good use on the new site.
Squeezing things down to the correct size, and hoping that everything slots together nicely.

Yesterday I managed to cram everything into a nice centred space in the middle of the screen.
.. almost..
It's about 4 pixels out, and no matter how much I tweaked the numbers, I couldn't quite get it perfectly centred.
But it'll do.
It's close enough.

.. grrr..

Also, the background is the dark grey colour you can see on the edge, and the main div is set as a transparent colour. Using this, I can easily colourise the background for all the different site sections.
The backgrounds should be the same colour as the various tabs on the left. Although quite where I'm storing all that data, I'm not sure.

I'll probably just lazily dump it into the php script as a bunch of globals, or something.

There's still plenty to do, and that's before I've even started working on the main "Frontpage" view.
A bit at a time, though. I'm trying not to rush this, so it comes out at neat as possible.

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