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Simpsonskfc Suggests..
  19th May, 2020
On 3ds, make the teleporters in JNKPlat be able to go in custom orders.


That's a great idea!
But, no.
The level data is minimised as much as I can possibly make it, and that includes only using single characters to define each tile in the map. I think (last I checked) that I only have space for about 5 additional tiles in the level data, and if I were to add those in, I'd prefer them to be new objects, rather than "The same object with a different setting".

Additionally, that game's now a year and a half old, and I've moved on.
In the time since I released JNKPlat 2018 (2018!), I've written (at the time of this post) 211 other games. Listed Here.

As you can probably imagine, going back and fixing things up is really quite hard to do, when you're working on the next 200-or-so'th title.

So, again, no..
As with practically all the games on this site, once I've posted a version of a game, if I don't get requests within the first day or so, I'm already done with it.
The speed at which AGameAWeek moves can be it's own downfall, at times.

How do you put 3ds JNKplat custom levels, on the online levels page.

In the game, play your level pack so that you earn all 4 "complete" badges on the level's selection. (This will ensure your levels are playable, and beatable)
Once you've got all 4 badges, quit, close, shut down your 3DS, and take out the memory card. Pop it into your PC, and look for the file named "JNKPlat2018_MyLevels.lev"
Copy that across to your desktop and head to the Online Page, then use the simple file dialogue to select that .lev file, and upload it.
Once done, and assuming I ever bother to visit that page to do the admin side of things, your level pack should be available as soon as I've clicked the OK button.

Similarly, you can download the JNKPlat2018_OnlineLevels.lev pack from there, and pop that onto your memory card, next to wherever you found your own level pack.

I apologise that this isn't automated, online. It is for the PC edition, but at the time I wrote this (and probably still now) there were numerous risks involved with using a hacked 3DS online. I decided to assume that users were keeping their device's Wifi disabled, so as to avoid those kinds of risks.

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