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A Plan for the Week
22nd May 2020  
A Shoebox game idea popped into mind, late last night.


Spawned by Simpsonskfc asking about Tower games, my mind was focused on how to make a Tower Defence using the board game engine.

Rather than trying to get multiple board-game players to control a single tower, I've opted to go in the other direction.
Each player gets 4 counters, and the aim will be to "Storm the Castle", and get each counter into the castle at the centre of the board.
Roll a dice, move one of your counters. Once everyone's moved, the Castle gets to roll, and anyone stood on a similarly numbered tile has to move back to the previous safe-point.

The game makes plenty of sense in my head, but how well will it play once done, and will it end up being alarmingly like Ludo...?!

Either way, that's the plan for the week.

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