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7th June 2020  
The laptop's back out, and I've mostly given up with the "iPad as a Laptop" thing.


Once I started coding, all of the pitfalls presented themselves, and everything became much more of a complicated mess.
Yesterday was spent mostly back at the laptop once more, doing what comes naturally, and coding a game.

I've rejected the "Storm the Castle" game until I can think of some kind of extra mechanic to make it more.. Fun..
So, what sort of game can be hastily cobbled together within a couple of days?!
A word game, of course!!

Tomorrow (assuming I can get it finished by tomorrow) should be a release of "Switch" or "Swaps" (not sure what name to go for) where you swap a letter and make new words.
I'm still not actually sure what method it should take, but I'm thinking maybe the game will pick the letter you need to swap, then you can choose from the entire keyboard, whilst ensuring you don't end up duplicating words along the way.

I'll probably "find" the right way, as I get the game built up.
So far all the work has been spent trying to get the random word functions to present more than one word, so that all possibilities can be scanned through at once.

Not really sure where this one's going, but that's the general direction for today's coding session.

Swaps/Switch, coming soon!

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