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Aaah, a laptop!!
8th June 2020  
Sure is good to get back to laptop based coding.


I'm trying out the iPad setup again, this morning, and already my right wrist is SUPER sore. I think the constant prodding at the vertical screen is doing some serious damage. To think of all the coding I do, all the time, without "too" much of a twinge, and yet a few days of this setup and the pain is almost unbearable.
I think I might have to put a stop to this, before it gets any worse.

Back in Laptop territory, and I managed to get this week's Shoebox game done and dusted, as well as a new Foldapuz game.
See how much easier things are, when you're not constantly fighting with your own silly setup!?

Today I'll probably get back to work on the new site.
It's not a whole lot different, but it scales better to different sized screens.
Except, oddly, the resolution that Windows is running on the iPad, whereby it's slightly too small for the new site width, and the site has to be scaled down a notch.

Site = 1600 pixels wide, screen = 1440x1079 (such an odd resolution!!)

I'm thinking that a lot of laptops tend to go for 1366x768, don't they.. I might need to reduce the width a little, to fit that.. Maybe.. *shrugs*

A lot of waffling waffle, today, isn't there!?
Right, time to put the iPad keyboard away, grab the laptop once more, and see about getting some web-dev done.

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