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What I Didn't Do..
12th June 2020  
The new site redesign is now live.


1. I tried removing the daily poetry and pixelart from the frontpage, but then all the rest of the content seemed to clutter together, much worse than it does with that little gap in between "days".
It looks weird, but it's definitely acting as a good barrier. .. I think!

2. The Game pages are still in flux. Let me know if you can come up with any ideas to make them a little neater.

3. I plan on rewriting the "Contact/About" page quite a bit, and will no doubt add a ton of extra pages to accompany it.

4. "Tools" is a bit empty, right now! I plan on making "proper" pages for each of the many chaotic tool pages that I have, scattered around.

5. The Online Scoreboards and JNKPlat Online Level Archive pages aren't linked anywhere. I need to fix that.

6. I'm not 100% settled on the white background for pages. I tried changing it to the same blue as the sidebar, earlier, but that kinda blended in too much, making things look more cluttered again. *shrugs*

7. The box header colours and the "Pages" bar don't match up any more. D'oh!

Any additional thoughts, post 'em in the comments.
Enjoy the slightly new lick of paint!

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New games every week!
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