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18th June 2020  
Having a nosey through some of May's server stats, and there's a couple of interesting things.


(08%) Windows
(34%) MacOSX
(07%) Linux
(23%) 3DSBrew
(25%) Android

Interesting for two points.
One, MacOSX is a popular system for downloads, even though most systems will no longer run the games, due to Apple's constant need to kill off legacy things, and block things that aren't going through official channels.

Two, Windows isn't popular, at ALL!! What's going on there?!!
I almost think it's down to the fact that everything's browser-based, nowadays, but that doesn't explain why the Mac downloads are still so popular.

Over on Foldapuz, Enigma seems to be alarmingly popular, being one of the most requested games for May, alongside Word Wheel and ABCPath.
This page contains the 8 most popular games for the month.

Unfortunately, I can't give you any play-stats for Browsercase or Shoebox. The games are downloaded all in one lump, so I can't tell which particular games are being played, and no play-stats are sent back to the server.
Maybe I should tweak that?

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