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A Plat Plan
20th June 2020  
OK, I think I have a vague idea for the game I want to do, now.


Rather than delving deep into the code yesterday, I instead took the time to formulate the basic idea for a game, and actually plan it out a bit.

Hopefully, if the idea in my head works out, the end result should end up being quite a bit like Donkey Kong.
A single level layout, with randomly placed obstacles, and a route for Baby Plat to carry the watermelon up the tower.

In my head it seems to work, but will it function as well once the enemies are in place, or will they make it far too difficult to navigate the tower?!
That's going to be the make/break in this game, and I won't know for sure until I've coded it.

Better get doing that then, eh!?

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