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26th June 2020  
Awake until 4:30am again. This hot weather isn't doing AGameAWeek any favours.
It's hard to code when you're sticking to the couch!!


Today I need to start thinking about a Shoebox game, and my head's stuck in the realm of Footy-foot-soccer-ball.
I'm currently wondering how well a Football Boardgame might work.
Not like "flicky" Subbuteo style, or even slidey Table Football. Something more .. Roll a dice, move based.

Or perhaps cards?
Cards with values that suggest how far you kick the ball?

Not sure..

What about Chess-ball? With specific moves for each character.
Or just Knight-ball, with L-Shaped movements..
They're on horses.. so.. Would that be. ..
.. Knight-Polo?!


Not really sure what game might emerge, but I think it'll be another football related game, either way.
Which is odd, 'cos I'm not really a fan of football, but it's definitely becoming a theme, this week!

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