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Being Artistic
29th June 2020  
For the past few games, I've been drawing little "Sticky Note Sketch" images.


The plan was to add these to the Asset generator, to give them a little more life, but I'm now wondering if I should attempt something a little more artistic.
Thing is.. I'm not that artistic!
But, maybe this is the push I need to, at the very least, attempt to do something a little more artistic.
I've set myself a 2048x2048 pixel canvas, and will likely spend most of today trying to recreate the Antball image, with a much more pleasing style.
I'll likely end up trying out all manner of different art packages on iPad, to try and find something that works best for me, and will probably end up using a (god help me!) Vector Art thing.. Eeek!

If I manage anything interesting, I'll be sure to post the results.

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