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Being Artistic 2 - Electric Boogaloo
30th June 2020  
Half eight, now. I really should go back to bed..


I used the iPad app Affinity Photo to create this.
It took about 2 hours, which is probably too long given the quality, but it's pretty much my first time using it.
Trying to figure out how to add thick outlines to the Shape tool (use the Pen Tool, change thickness, then go back to the shape tool) took absolutely ages! That was probably the hardest thing.
The colours aren't quite perfect, either, especially for Gradient fills.
You pick one solid colour, draw with it, then pick the fill tool, then fill the gradient, THEN choose the gradient's colour.. So odd.

I guess those are both issue that come down to there not being a constant tool palette onscreen.

It's functional enough, though, and I'm sure I'll get used to these quirks the more I use it.
For now, this one picture is the entire output!

Will I continue?
Who can say..

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