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18th July 2020  
I'm pretty much at the same point with the Browsercade edition of Kabooma Looma, on the first day, as I was with the SmileBASIC edition.


Tilemap is drawing, rocks are falling, and that's about it.
Today I'll code the rest of the game!
I know where I'm heading with it, so it shouldn't be too tricky.

The gameplay itself is fairly simple, so won't be hard to replicate.
What might be tricky, is getting the jump physics to be the same, since the Browsercade edition is using a larger grid size.
I'm hoping it'll scale up easily enough, but it might be a bit of trial and error to get it feeling right.

Other than that, though. .. Should be Smoooooth sailing!!


Notes about the image above...
1. Yes, Looma is indeed stood inside rock, which she shouldn't be able to do.
Currently the sprite is acting as a mouse-pointer, to test the block destruction.

2. Yes, the rocks need to be a bit bigger, and the gems a bit smaller. Shouldn't be "too" hard to fix that, though.

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