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All The Bugs Come Out To Play
24th July 2020  
Oh, geeze..


Yesterday, Peter Bruin emailed me to let me know that I'd failed in my video-playthrough of the Nondango puzzle.
We went down quite a rabbit-hole, and this morning it's turned out that I didn't even understand the bloomin' rules correctly.
I'm hoping to have solved the issue, now, and have been emailing back and forth with Peter to help find the "right" sort of puzzle for that.

Busy busy busy!


This morning, "HIGHscores" posted to the Munky Train game that there's a bug in it.
I tried Quick-Fixing the bug using the touchscreen keyboard, but it's no good, and I'm going to have to trot upstairs to grab my proper keyboard, and get the job done properly.

I think today's plan has already been set in motion.

Bug fixes galore.

If you've found any glaring issues, please do let me know.

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New games every week!
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