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A Rest Day
26th July 2020  
Yesterday I didn't do "too" much..


I did fix a few more bugs, including finally (I hope!?) getting rid of the diagonal-collision bug in the SmileBASIC edition of Kabooma Looma.
I also took the time to jazz up the background a bit with the stripy effect that's in the Browsercade version, and added particles whenever you pick up a gem.

The update is available via the Update button in SmileBASIC.

In addition to all of that, I also added the functionality to recolour both the background and the main ground tiles, with a simple colour-hue tweak. This should help when I'm doing a proper level-based mode, to distinguish between the different levels.
.. Or, at least, that's the plan.

Before I get to do that, though, I need to rejig the main menu of the framework, since it currently only has "START!" and no lazy way for me to add a second mode to it. (This requires extra settings, and highscore tables and whatnot)

That'll take a few jumps between the template and the game, to get it all working properly.


I really need to add another "Group Game" to Shoebox, so I spent most of yesterday thinking about a concept, but not actually coding any of it.
I think it's a good idea, but will it play very well?
I've not been having much luck with Shoebox, lately. Hmm..

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Bit red!!

After that, I lazily sat and played on the PS4 for a little while.
I started playing No Man's Sky a couple of days ago, and it's been a nice relaxing wander-em-up, so far.
I'm still doing the tutorial gubbins, but am looking forward to aimless wanders throughout the galaxy.

One annoyance is that the game requires me to hit "The trackpad button" to access the inventory.
The PS4 Remote Play app on iOS doesn't seem to like the trackpad button, for some reason, so instead I have to lean over and prod the iPad's screen a couple of times to "touch" it on there.
I'm not sure why the app doesn't recognise the touchpad.
iOS does.. Or at least, iOS shows up the thing in the configuration settings.

Also, I've yet to find a good place in any game that actually uses the touchpad in any functional way, other than as a giant button.
Seems a bit of a waste of space, if I'm honest.
Could've dumped half a dozen Jaguar-style mini buttons up there, and we'd've had oodles more functionality.

Nausea level, for those interested : I can manage about an hour, when playing Remote Play on my iPad.
If I try to play on the telly, I get about 5 minutes play before the motion sickness kicks in.
This is approximately the same as playing Zelda BOTW in Handheld vs Docked.
My motion sickness is DEFINITELY better when the screen is smaller, it seems.

.. Anyhoo..
Back to coding!
With any luck, there might be a new game, tomorrow.

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