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27th July 2020  
No Man's Sky is a lovely game.


Spaceships, Stations, Planets, Trading..
It's out Elite'd Elite, in my opinion!
I've now played about 3 sessions of NMS, and feel like I've done SO much more than I've done in my 7 or so sessions of Elite : Dangerous.

Wandering, Shooting, Gathering, Building, Flying and more.
Everything's much more gamey in this game.

I'm getting about an hour-per-session out of it before the nausea kicks in, and I think that's probably more than enough. It's roughly the same as I was playing Animal Crossing for..
... And I've not played Animal Crossing for a few days.
My poor villagers will be worried sick.


Planning for the board game thing is coming along nicely.
I've opted to go for a "silly little sticker pasted onto the player token to symbolise that they have a sword/shield" style.
This means, each of the player's 4 tokens will have it's own mini inventory.

I've still not decided on the "sword use" mechanic, yet, but it's definitely feeling much more gamey this way.

The only problem now is that a regular board-game sized board is feeling a little cramped.


This game is evolving..

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