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28th July 2020
v1.90b - Added Game Rules page, and alphabetised the game list.[/highlight]

One BIG task finally sorted.


Last night after I posted the week's new Foldapuz puzzle to Twitter, @TheMikeDX asked if there was a Rules page for them.
Of course, I instantly went to grab the RuleSheet from the Foldapuz site, but then I noticed something that I'd forgotten was going to happen.

All of the rules no longer fit on a single piece of paper, since there's too many of the bloomin' things.


So I headed over to the main site code, and popped a small "Game Rules" in the top right, which shows all of the games, with the little minor amount of instructions that I've written for each.

I then realised that the list is a mess, in "Order Added", so spent an alarming amount of time trying to sort the list alphabetically, without breaking all the game references, such that I could then also alphabetise the list of games in the Game-Bar, too.

All is good, now.
I hope..

You can See the results here. Click the "Game Rules" in the top right.

I might add a little Sort button on the Game-Bar, too, but it was well past 2 in the morning by that point, and I wasn't in the mood for faffing about with CSS for the sake of adding a button!!
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