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Foldapuz - Day at the Races
28th July 2020  
v1.91 - Added the Maths puzzle Day at the Races

Placed your bets, then do the maths to find out which horse is faster.
The fastest horse wins.
But did you bet on the right one?!

You can Print Sheets of Puzzles, or alternatively Play in your browser.


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What I Didn't Do

I originally had "/" where I should've had the divide symbol.
This is a coding thing. "/" is divide when coding, (or using Windows Calculator, or any number of other things) since there isn't a divide symbol on the keyboard.

..Silly me!!
I've since fixed this, but it can still be seen in today's cached output.

Fun Fact : My Dell Inspiron laptop had a divide symbol on the numpad, but it only ever outputted the "/" character. Was nice having it there, though.

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