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29th July 2020  
Started a racing engine yesterday, in SmileBASIC.


Just a simple top-down track with a bunch of cars driving towards the goal.
The hardest part was trying to get a track generator that would generate looping tracks.
.. So hard that I gave up trying.
Instead, it's now a really long track, which occasionally winds around itself in ways that aren't even technically possible.

Frankly, the whole thing's a mess, in terms of "realism", but it's still quite fun to play.
The pack seems to be able to keep up with you, and you with it.
Next will be adding best times and a points system.
I could also do with drawing different graphical themes, too, but I'm not sure I'll have the time to add that in. Depends on how well the menu tweaking goes.

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New games every week!
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