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Preparing to Race
30th July 2020  
The little racing thing has turned out quite well.


Once I added Best Times and Positions, everything slotted in nicely.
A couple of simple styles, and a gathering of choons, and all is golden.
I'll be adding the finishing touches, and uploading it on SmileBASIC later today.

I think it's probably a good enough game for the Browsercade, too, but first I'd need to write an addition to the Browsercade to account for multiple levels.
The SmileBASIC version has a level select (10 pages of the same 5x5 grid that's in the Shoebox level select) with wins highlighted when you reach position 5 or better.
I never got around to adding the level select to Browsercade, though, so..

Yeah, I should probably do that.

Though, first I need to finish off that Shoebox game from earlier in the week.

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