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10th August 2020
v1.91b - Shuffled the site's layout around a little.[/highlight]
I shuffled around Foldapuz a bit, yesterday.


The game list is now on the right, the main page view on the left, and a set of GUI buttons run along the top.

It's not a vast difference, granted, but it's enough that there's now an additional little miniview of the selected puzzle on the bottom right.

I'm hoping that I can make it so you can then drag'n'drop that onto the sheet, to define the new layout. Then I can get rid of those silly buttons that do it in a less intuitive way.

But how to do drag'n'dropping like that, on an otherwise normal webpage?
These are compicated Javascript things that I've never tackled before!!



I also got those new Emoji added to SoCoder's new button, but not all the pixelart ended up looking too good. I definitely need to redraw a few bits and pieces.
I don't mind redrawing things, if need be, but coming up with the ideas in the first place is really wrecking my brain!
Took me AGES to decide what 8-bit home computer might fit alongside Amstrad, BBC, Commodore and Speccy, before ultimately opting for a Speak'n'Spell!!

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