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11th August 2020
v1.91c - Overhauled the "Unfolded" site.
Didn't attempt to do the drag'n'drop interface for Foldapuz, yesterday!


Instead, I headed over to the Unfolded section of the site, and did some fixes and tweaks on there.
The buttons are more button-like, the pen has more thickness levels, the drag on the drawing is smoother, and ... aaaaah, the pinch zoom.
That bit took a good hour or so, but I think it's working well enough, now.

Also, "two-finger tap" should undo, but usually takes a couple of taps for it to catch up with itself..
Meh, close enough!

I think I might change the "boxes showing which bit of the page the puzzle is on" button to just be a simple "Puzzle 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8" button instead, but that takes away from the whole "Foldapuz" thing. I think..

You can Play with the results, here.

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