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14th August 2020
v1.91e - Overhauled the Kakuro generator[/highlight]
Over on Facebook, Graham Keith complained that the Kakuro puzzles weren't as authentic as they could be, so I hopped into the code and gave them a makeover.


old | new

The results are much harder puzzles, but ones that stick to more stringent Kakuro rules, such as there not being any "orphaned" numbers. (That's those single-digits that don't go anywhere.)

The overhaul took about an hour, most of which was spent waiting for a pre-generator script to come up with over 100 possible templates.

The daily generator then grabs one of the templates, fills it with numbers, checks for duplications, then pops in the totals.
Whether these new puzzles are even possible to complete!? Who knows.
I'll leave that up to people who are better at these things than I am.
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