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6th September 2020  
Well, I at least drew some new little Emoji things.


A week or so ago (*shrugs*) I drew a few Nintendo controllers to go along with Rychan's NES controller.
Yesterday I spent what must've been about 3 hours drawing little consoles to go with them, as well as some Sega ones, too, and a little OUYA.

It took FAR too long to do. I honestly wasn't expecting it to take as long as it did.
Bah, humbug. My art skills are definitely getting worse!!

Once done, I started creating a new theme for SoCoder.
Taking into account my lacking art skills and that I'd already drawn 3 hours of little pixelart, this wasn't going to go well.

The new theme was scrapped, and a new new theme began.
And was scrapped.
And another.
And another.

I think I deleted 8 new themes, yesterday, and as the wee small hours of the night drew ever closer, I finally decided enough's enough, and gave up trying.


My mind then wandered back to the Kakuro Foldapuz puzzle that I still haven't gotten around to fixing up properly.
Last night's tweak specifies that there should be no double-pairs in a row or column, which should hopefully eliminate most of the "could be either" issues that crop up along the way.

I've a further addition to put into play, today. It's not quite "true" to the usual technique, I don't think, but it should help further push the puzzles into the required set of solutions.

I've also noticed that the puzzles seem to keep coming up with near-identical layouts. I'm not really sure what's causing that, but I have a feeling it's down to me adding the forced Start-Point bit at the top of the script.
It seems to hunt for layouts that work with my scripted starts, and always ends up with the exact same ones.
Might have to tweak that a bit, to get a little more variety in the puzzles.

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