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14th September 2020  
Sorry, I'm forgetting my learned AGameAWeek skills, already.


As midnight grew ever closer, and I popped in the finishing touches to this week's game, I then went to upload it all and went "aaaah.. Yeah..."
I'd (once again!) forgotten that when uploading a Browsercade/Shoebox game, I need to wait about 24 hours for the cache to catch up with things.
Stupid caches.

Right, the game's ready, but because of that I won't be able to release it until tomorrow.
Instead, then, I'll sit and cobble together a Foldapuz game, get that all uploaded (no cache issues with Foldapuz!) and play switcheroo with the schedules.

Silly me, being all forgetful and stuff.

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New games every week!
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