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Failed Day - No Game
28th September 2020  
Here's how yesterday went..


1. With a specific game in mind (Canfield Solitaire) I copy+pasted the shoebox template script, changed all the function names to "Canfield", and saved the script.

2. I headed into the icon spritesheet, removed the "Word Ring" icon I'd drawn on Saturday, and drew in its place an icon for Canfield.

3. I added the top left draw deck. Place 52 cards into the array, shuffle the array. Simple enough.

4. I added the play deck, the one to the right of the card deck, where the cards flip over onto. I got it interacting well enough. Cards flipping over 3 at a time. Top card liftable. Refill the draw deck once it's emptied.

5. I added the first of the foundation piles, and set about deciding the best way to do the "Start Card"

In Canfield, the first card flipped from the deck becomes the "Base" of the four foundations.
Unlike Klondike (and most other solitaires) the foundations don't go Ace to King. Instead they all start from that first flipped card. So if the first card is a 5, they go 5 to King, then Ace to 4.
Normally I can say "Make this pile a foundation", and the rest of the Shoebox script knows how to handle that.

But this time was different. I needed a hefty rewrite, but one that wouldn't interfere with all the other games.
In the end, I decided it was probably safest to rewrite that part of the script, just for this game.

So I sat, staring at the code, and my head went..

I don't think I was in the mood for GUI stuff, yesterday.
And I don't think I'm in that mindset, today, either.

We'll call this weekend a dud, give up on trying, and all meet back once I've written that HERO clone for the Browsercade, instead.

Today's a Foldapuz day. I'll work on that, then start working on the HERO clone.
I also need to rework a chunk of the level generator for the SmileBASIC edition, so I'll try to do both of those at once.

Sorry there's no game, this weekend.
It's all been a bit of a disaster.
Bah, humbug.

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