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9th October 2020  
OK, time to rewrite "All Cued Up" for the Shoebox.


Required elements.
1. Table. I'll need to redraw the corners so there's no pockets, but this shouldn't be hard. Shoebox already has a Pool table, even if I never finished off the Pool game! (Mostly due to how I didn't like the way the pocket mechanics looked completely rubbish and fake.)

2. Balls. This is easy. Shoebox already has ball mechanics.

3. Sounds. This is easy. Shoebox already has a complete pool/ball sound collection.

4. Gameplay. One slight issue with this game is that it needs easy access to cueing from the corners of the table. I'm thinking a drag inwards might be better, instead of outwards. Outwards would require the table to be small enough that there's space outside of the table to drag the cue.

Otherwise, all should be easy enough to get working.
.. Right!?
I worry about unseen complications.
There are ALWAYS unseen complications!

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New games every week!
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