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12th October 2020  
The week's game is now in the Shoebox, under the Group section.


It's been up since about lunchtime, yesterday, but I spent a fair amount of time playing with the controls, tweaking precision, and more.
Have at!!

Today I need to record a video, shove it through the video renderer, upload to youtube, then post the game to the site. Should be done in about an hour or so.
In addition, I wrote this week's Foldapuz game, yesterday, so don't have to worry about that, today.

So, what's today's task?


Yesterday I started the groundwork for a new version of JMTrackr in SmileBASIC.
I think I have a much more specific plan in mind, this time. The original SmileBASIC version was scrabbled together very early in my time with the language. I've learned a fair amount since then, in both SmileBASIC itself, and also the way the MML music "language" works, so I'm hopeful that I can balance things enough to make a better music generator.

I'm really tempted to see if I can find a way to reproduce this in the browser, too, but every Javascript MML Player I've found seems to rely heavily on the browser having Midi functionality. iOS does not.. So, that's not exactly ideal.
I'll try to keep an open mind, though, and for the meantime I'll set about doing the SmileBASIC version.

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New games every week!
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