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A man on a slightly lighter grid...
  18th November, 2008
I spent most of last night tweaking the graphics.
For starters, I've jigged about the whole Background tileset.
If you've bothered to poke around inside the old game, you'll have noticed that bg.png contains a great big pile of unused "Inside a Wall" stuff. It was originally going to serve a purpose, and fill out the black, but eventually I decided that having plain black nothingness would be good enough, and the black stayed as black.
So, they're now removed from the tileset, the odd yellow wall stuff's gone, too, and a whole big blank area has been created, ready for all new tiles to go in.
First off, though, I had to make myself some new walls!


It took about 10 or so different attempts, with a multitude of different styles. Wireframe "Metal Gear Solid" style VR Green was quite nice, but.. It made a bit too much Geometry Wars, and a little less Alien Breed.. Booo!

Eventually, I settled on this.

I might add some options, or something!!
I still have to redraw the doors, but I'm happy with it for now.

Now, apologies.. It's Tuesday, and I usually release A Game A Week, but as you can probably tell I've been a bit busy this week! I could release this version, today, as a basic demo.. But it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as the previous version, and that would be a waste when the previous version's already out there..
So if you REALLY want to play a game today, go and download my last Alien Deathmatch, play it for a while, and get us some new Online Highscores to battle against!


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