New games every week!
13th October 2020  
Lots of stuff to do, today.


Have to post about the Foldapuz game, requiring video rendering, uploading, blog post, silly cover art drawing, etc.

Next I need to make a start on this week's SmileBASIC game. No idea what I'm doing there. Let's hope it ends up as a half-formed idea.

And in the midst of all that, Mum's trying to replace the skirting boards, so I'm having to play a game of "No, that's the wrong angle again.." and my head did SO many angles the other day doing All Cued Up that it's.. quite frankly. All Angled Up.

Haven't eaten yet. It's already 1pm. I'm already brain-fried.
Today's going really well!!

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New games every week!
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