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The Unreleased Framework
16th October 2020  
Rocket asks..
I'm learning c and c++ and could I use AGAW Framework


Oh dear...
The tales and tragedy of the C++ Framework.
It started off well enough, with all good intensions. Create a multi-purpose framework that I could indeed post to the site for all to use.
For the first day or so, I wrote neat coding, made things tidily, ensured I was using "proper" methodology, and everything was prim and proper.

But unfortunately, my "AGameAWeek" techniques soon took over.

Terrible walls of text with barely any comments.

Lazily written arrays.

And string techniques that would scare the munkies out of any half-decent developer!

It gets worse than that, too.
Due to the way I implemented the scaling techniques, some objects scale differently to others.
Sprites require one set of scaling, backgrounds another, text a third.
Collisions are, obviously, made all the more worse due to these maths blunders.

And if you compile for 3DS, all of those scalings are redone an extra time, due to the smaller resolution.
It's NASTY, and one of the main reasons I ultimately gave up with the framework, and moved over to a new Javascript framework, instead.

The audio "probably" doesn't work in Linux.
The MacOS builds are now over 2 years old, so you just know none of that's going to work any more.
I never did get MacOS icons working, either.
The HTML/Emscripten edition is incredibly broken.
And even compiling the Windows versions of games relies on about 20-odd installations of various bits and pieces before it'll work.

In all, it's hastily cobbled together, it's badly coded, and it's REALLY not a good example to learn from.


Ultimately - No.
I won't be releasing the code, because I just KNOW that a lot of people will learn some very bad, oldskool habits from my code, and that a lot of my hastily coded techniques will break a lot of people's projects.

For that reason, and many more, I won't be sharing the framework.


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