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Going in Circles
17th October 2020  
Spent yesterday playing with Mario Kart Live!


Vrooom, Vrooom, Vrooom!!!
All around the room!

The little kart handles small bumps with ease, can cope with our short carpet well enough, but struggles on the deep fluffy mat.

The main issue, though, is the camera's sight.
Making tight corners between the goal things, results in it occasionally not seeing the next goalpost, so it doesn't register it as you pass through.

At first I had the start and end of my track lined up like this (going red, yellow, green, blue) but the tightness of the ends meant that it frequently missed the checkpoints.

Instead, staggering the goals a little helped the optics work better.
Since each goalpost is fairly wide, there's not an awful lot of room left in a room once they're all placed, and due to the optic nature of the way it works, you can't (for example) have one goalpost at either side of your couch, because as much as it can see the one going into the "tunnel", it can't then see the other one at the other end.
That's kinda frustrating, if I'm honest.
It would've been nice if we could have some sort of floor placements.. Like a red and a blue flag on either side, so that the camera can always see them, instead of needing a raised view which needs a bit more visibility.

Other than that, though, it's a nice little plaything.
Can be played in single player, and if you've only the one setup, you can play "Play and Pass" time trial against other people, which is nice to have.


Didn't do anything code-wise, yesterday!
I did consider making a racing game. Not sure why that would suddenly be on my mind. But decided against it because it would be really bleedin' obvious why I made it!

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