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Oh Dear...
23rd October 2020  
Stayed up until 7am binge-watching that Tunnel show again.. I'm down to the last episode, at least..


Today's plan
1. Best Path
Find a "Best Path" for the tracks, and see if the AI can aim towards that, instead of always the centre of the track. This should help eliminate the times when the cars get stuck at the edge of the track on tight corners.

2. Balance the AI drivers
The AI is quite good, now, to the point where I'm regularly lagging behind, around about 30th place or so.
Sometimes, however, it's far too easy to get alarmingly ahead of the pack, or too far behind.
I don't want to end up "Rubber Banding" the AI, but I do think I need to make it more challenging.

3. Laps
Count laps, make 3 laps per track, then move on to the next.

4. Scoring
Still haven't decided on how this one's going to work.

The game's coming together, though, slowly enough.

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New games every week!
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