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27th October 2020  
Strgukking to think straight. Fuzzy brain.


My eyes are so blurry, I can barely see what I've written, so apologies if there are spelling errrors and more.
I'm now up to day four of killer flu symptoms. I can barely see straight, and my mind is so fuzzy you wouldn't imagine it.

I'm trying my best to keep everything up to date, and have at least drawn a couple of day's pixelarts, though they're currently locked on my desktop, and not uploaded.
I'm having to get Siri to read back what I'm typing, as my eyes are so blurrry and fogged up, I can barely see a thing.
God help anyone who gets this.
Stay at home.
Stay in bed.
Don't try anything!!

Normal service will resume in a few days time.
I hope!!!

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