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4th November 2020  
At some point in the past few months, my Shunt seemingly disintegrated for reasons that are still unclear, but are more than likely just an age thing.


The shunt is made up of two parts. A stumpy thing inside of my head which grabs fluid from my brain, which is then pumped along a large tube running down my innards to my gut, draining excess fluid from my head to keep things working properly.
Brain fluid (CSF) is there for a wide range of purposes, but my head seemingly generates way too much of the stuff, and so the shunt is needed to keep things down to a more normal balanced proportion.

Without a working shunt, my head appears to go to crazy town, and that's exactly what's happened over the past few weeks, with my mental health deteriorating to realms of the ludicrous. Thankfully, Mum recognised this as an actual health issue, and not just me being an overly grumpy bastard, and so she contacted the Docs.

I was admitted to Bolton hospital, then rushed fairly swiftly up to Salford Royal, where they did scans, revealing the entire shunt's tube had deteriorated. With myself being, quite frankly, completely out of it, they had only their notes to work with, since even asking me simple questions were leading to dead ends.

Operation Day - Friday 30th October, 2020
03:24 : Went in for operation, new shunt, complete replacement.
07:00 : Shunt was fitted, all went well in operation.
08:20 : Doctors are worried about my sanity!
15:00 : Finally allowed onto a ward.

They replaced the larger chunk of the shunt's mechanics inside my head, then fitted a brand new shunt tube running from my head down to my gut.
After a few more days in hospital, I finally started to come around, and was almost back to my normal self. Tests for normality were getting better. Mental oddities were subsiding.

It's been about a week or so since I was admitted, and In all that time I've had an inside number of crazy hallucination, wild moments of abnormality, and also some of the most depressing thoughts imaginable.

But I've gotten through it. Just about.

I'd like to thank all the nurses at Salford Royal's H5 ward, and goodness knows how many surgeons have helped me over the past week or so.
And thanks to all for trying to keep my sanity in check.

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