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OK, Now What?
7th November 2020  
Head's a bit sore, this morning, but less of a "brain stress" pain, and more of a "I have a ton of staples in my head, and I've been lying on them all night" kind of pain..


This morning, I attempted my Daily Pixelart and Poetry for the first time in about a week and a half.
I have a pixelart sitting in my email, but I honestly can't remember drawing it, nor do I remember even emailing it to myself.
There's a lost-poetry there, too, which will never see the light of day, either. Unless I have posted those. But I honestly can't remember!!

Oh dear...
The lost memories!! They're the scariest part.


Last night I composed a nice night-racing choon to go with the Really Retro Racing game (I think that was it's name!?!) that is sitting mostly finished, but lacking music.
I need to do another 3 little ditties for the other 3 themes, but those aren't exactly springing to mind.

I'm certainly not rushing, at this point.
Take things step by step, and see how far I can get.


But carry on. Mostly due to boredom than anything!
Sure isn't exciting when all you're doing is sitting on your butt!

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