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Doctor Day
23rd November 2020  
Spent most of yesterday preparing for today's big trip.


It's nothing "too" big, but I have to head down to the local health centre for some blood tests and whatnot. No doubt they'll find my sugar levels are high as usual, my blood pressure is high as usual, and my pulse is glitchy as usual, and then they'll drag me down every other day for the next month. Each trip will be the same doctor telling me the same things, and "suggesting" I take another pill to "fix" things.
I fully expect my daily pill dosage to have tripled by next week.


They tend to continuously focus on my blood sugar levels, even though I've managed to balance out my super spikes quite significantly. Whereas this time last year, eating some pineapple would see my sugar levels spike to 13 or 14, nowadays it tends to stick at a fairly low average of about 7 or 8.
And it stays there, pretty much all the time. I'm really quite proud of how well I've balanced the numbers.

.. But 7 or 8 isn't the 5 or 6 that doctors expect, so they'll be clambering to get those numbers into their pre-allocated slots. And my 140/90 blood pressure should definitely be 120/80. And so on.

My body doesn't "do" normal.
Nor does my brain!

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