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AGameAWards 2020 : Player Thoughts
29th December 2020  
After my previous post. where I chose my favourite games from the year, fans have chipped in with their own thoughts on the best games of 2020.

Let's take a peek!!

Michael Fernie

I really enjoyed Cosmic Gardener.

My list would be:
Kabooma Looma
Greenie's Heroic Adventure
Cosmic Gardener
Take This Torch

I'm bias since I suggested the games behind: Greenies, Cosmic, and Take This Torch.

I'll give you Take This Torch, but Greenie's Heroic Adventure and Cosmic Gardener are both redo's of games I'd previously done


Thanks for the lists, guys!
Here's hoping that next year can bring us many more awesome games!
As always, if you've an idea of two, pop it in the Suggestion Box, and we'll see if I ever get around to it!

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New games every week!
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