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Y5:W13 - Karl's Tiny Adventure
  26th March, 2013
A good old fashioned old-skool platforming game, harking back to the good old days of Manic Miner and that sort of thing.
This week is VERY Manic Miner esque.
Collect the items to open the door, dodge the baddies, jump around, die a lot, get to the exit, sorted!!


Notification One
This week's game is a good old fashioned old-skool platform game.
It's "In the style of" Manic Miner, but it IS NOT A REMAKE OF MANIC MINER!!! There are differences. Differences that may irritate and annoy people who were wishing this was a faithful remake. If you're after a faithful remake go and play a faithful remake instead!
Notification Two
Since this is old-skool gameplay, there's a slight quirky feel to the Android's onscreen DPad. It doesn't quite feel as good as you'd expect it to. A shame. If you hit the Pause screen, there's a little toggle at the top to switch to the alternative control scheme, which I assumed would've been better, but is in fact much worse, so probably best not to do that!!
Stick with the classic DPad. You kinda get used to it after a few deaths.
Where possible, play the Windows edition. That's the better example.

Notification Three (ooh, crumbs!)
This is the first release to include my JMTrackr Music Engine. It'll happily plonkity plonk away in the background, and keep things active.
Feel free to shut it up by clicking in the speaker icon, to toggle between both, sfx only, music only, or nuffin'.
Let me know if it breaks on your device, feel free to complain about how shit it sounds, and be aware that the HTML5 edition doesn't do music!

The Download!

You can Download Karl's Tiny Adventure here for Windows, Android, or play it in your Browser. I really should get Mac targets up and running, some day!!


Bonus Credits!?

Something of a rarity in the fast-paced world of AGameAWeek, but this week we've got extra credits in the game.

They are..
1. Spinal (@Spinal_Cord, who this week played the test version a couple of days early, and chipped in a few words of advice.
2. Shadow1w2 (
@shadow1w2, who this week offered to design a few levels. He, too, was sent the test version a couple of days early, then had a busy weekend and didn't get back to me until this morning. D'oh! Still, the thought was there!

Let this be a lesson!
It's very rare that I can get a test build working a couple of days early, and even rarer that I even know what game I'm even making that early! To then try to integrate yourself into the mix somehow is insanely tricky at the best of times.
If you'd like to help with future AGameAWeek projects, be sure you've got enough free time at that exact moment, because it's all about doing things really really quickly!!
Let me know if you think you can help, and if I can figure out any ways that you can, I'll let you know.


AGAW Scoring : All is well!

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