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Lacking in Code
3rd January 2021  
Yesterday wasn't a very productive code day..


I started the day with the code for the Browsercade-Flappadiddle open. I started up the game, played it for about 20 minutes, realised I wasn't doing anything productive, then closed it and looked for something else to tackle.

Eventually, I ended up making ALChoon Original-C, doing the video, preparing the upload.
.. So, um.. That's 2 week's of ALChoon's ready to go, at least.

Throughout the day, I continued to try to do little bits and pieces, but nothing really seemed to be working. I'm glad that, on days like those, I can at least switch over to being musical.

In the end, I played Flappadiddle for another hour or so.
I haven't quite finished the game, yet. There's nothing deadly to attack the player.

But it's still fun to flap around in!

That'll be out on Friday.
Tomorrow, however, I'm intending to release a SmileBASIC game that's barely started. So.. I suppose I oughta do that, huh!?

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