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7th January 2021  
Additional Music tweaking, last night, with a fairly competent result!


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Here you can see me start, quit and start again, in Flappadiddle.
Each restart, the melody (though the same) is different. The perfect result of JMTrackr doing its thing.

There are, of course, tons of extra tweaks that need to be made to the engine, especially in the realm of chord structure, but for the most part it's working as it oughta.

Additionally, the tempo isn't quite right. I know that, to get a perfect 1 to 1 bpm, at the resolution I'm creating, I need to run the mod at "Speed 3". Unfortunately, at that speed, the cracks and pops start showing up far too often. Instead, I've settled for "Speed 5", so the BPM doesn't quite match, but .. It runs, at least!!

Today's tasks..
1. Chord Progressions
2. Ensuring it doesn't get stuck in a same-loop, so there's always variety as it goes.
3. Consider making a simple tool for generating the strings of melody.
4. .. Oh yeah, and actually finish the game, before tomorrow!!

.. Righty-oo!!
Best get doing that, then

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