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8th January 2021  
Have to faff about, scaling the icon and title card for this week's new game.


I'm still not quite done with all of the tools that I need to get through my weekly chores.
Before uploading assets for a game, I have to ensure they're all collected together in a nice cluster.
Four screenshots, a Cover Art, and then the game's icon and title card.
Unfortunately, the tool to automagically extract the icon and title card no longer exists on the Mac, so today I'll do it all by hand, but for future doings, I could really do with writing a new script.

Other than that, though, all other elements are in place.
The game (Flappadiddle) is playable in the Browsercade, the YouTube video was uploaded last night.
Screenshots, Icon, Title card, then uploading everything.
Should be posting the posts in about half an hour or so, unless anything horrific crops up beforehand!

(I might stop and have my lunch, first!)

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New games every week!
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