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Making a Start
9th January 2021  
Ooops! With all the chaos of browser-based silliness, I forgot to start the next SmileBASIC game!!


Right, it'll be a hastily cobbled together game, I reckon, but of what sort..?
I'm imagining a top-down maze, of some sort.
Maybe something like Mr Do, with items to collect and enemies to avoid.
Not sure.
I guess I'll just start coding, and see where it takes me.


Spent A LOT of yesterday trying to get Browsercade to record itself. Much like how the VideoGenerator does, it can indeed capture footage, but it does so without any audio.

And so, I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried again to get ANY kind of audio to record.
I'm fairly sure I'm doing it right, but oddly whenever I do add audio to the output, the result is a failed capture.
.. Every time.
And I tried in about half-a-dozen ways, too.
Maybe it's just MacOS that's doing that? Some kind of security protection thing?

I'm not sure..

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