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11th January 2021  
Finally worked out the weird audio issue I was having.


Handy Hint #1 : When trying to capture audio in the browser, be sure you've connected the stream to the right output channel.
Complicated stuff!!
But I finally got it working, after tweak after tweak after tweak!!

Handy Hint #2 : No silence! If there's any silence, the audio capture goes "oooh, cool, I can have a rest!" and stops doing anything, then when there IS some audio, the latest audio ends up being stuck right beside the last audio. Everything goes out of sync, as a result.

I had to create a (hopefully) inaudible sine-wave, which plays underneath all other audio whilst capturing.

The Result

View on YouTube

I don't *think* the now sine-wave is audible. But if you can hear it, be sure to let me know!!

The above video is captured in/by the browser, with a single keypress, but won't capture any of the music. (For my own sanity.. Things got far too complicated when I tried mixing that in!)

The site should capture up to about 4 minutes of video, with audio, after simply pressing the [ bracket key. (or the ] one!)
I've not finalised the upload, yet, though. I need to triple check that the new code doesn't break on any browsers.

I'd better get doing that, then!

(Oh, and the week's SmileBASIC game, too..)

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