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12th January 2021  
1. Make a music/melody editor in the browser, to go alongside the player in Browsercade.
This shouldn't be anything too complicated. I'm overthinking it, but in the end, all I really need is a duplication of the JMTrackr edition I made in SmileBASIC.


2. Finish off fixing up the capture methods for Browsercade.
It shouldn't be too taxing, from here, since I've already gone over the Shoebox version.
BTW, this week's Shoebox game is half-finished, and already uploaded, alongside the capture methodology. Hit [ to start, [ again to end, and .. maybe it'll work!?! It's very twitchy!

Oh, also, Shoebox gained a new hand cursor, because the new capture method doesn't include the mouse pointer!! (You can turn it off in the options menu, but I actually quite like it!)

3. I still have to keep switching over to Windows for little script-based tasks. I definitely need to write some new little scripts to replace all of those tasks, and should also take the time to add uploading to the tools, too. So, I can bundle screenshots and icons and the like into a folder, hit a button, and have everything self-integrate into the website.
.. But can I!?
Or is that a potential security risk?!!

.. hmm..


Over on the Fuze4Switch forum, they've chosen my hastily cobbled together version of SpikeDislike, as this week's "High Score Challenge" game.
Grab the game using the code : N14KBNNDD9

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