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JMTrackr Online : v0.1
14th January 2021  
I still have a lot to do to the new version of JMTrackr, but the most basic of functionality is now available online for you to play with.


You can plot notes. Tap them again to make them rests. Tap them again to clear them.
Your melody can have up to 32 patterns, and there are 32 drum patterns, too.
I currently haven't made the drumloop editor into a proper drumloop editor. It still takes the form of a piano-roll. Need to fix that.
I also haven't yet added the ability to expand a pattern to 2 or 4 screen lengths. That'll be coming soon.

Other than that, you can tap out a choon, use the left play button to play the pattern or the right play button to play the entire choon, using JMTrackr's randomisation methods.

You can Play with the melody maker, here.
But it currently doesn't work on iOS, because silly me forgot to add Touch collision where it usually does Mouse collision.

All Load/Save functionality is currently happening via that text entry box on the top left. Copy+Paste its contents, and the same choon oughta be replayable.

What I Haven't Yet Done

1. Pattern lengths
2. Touch on Mobile
3. A "Clear this pattern" button
4. A "Clear the whole damn song!" button
5. Drumloop editor looking a bit more drumloop-esque
6. Some defaults for drum loops
7. Some examples you can click on and have play.
8. Ability to force a particular Random Seed, so you can get the exact same result, every time.

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