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Early Morning
27th January 2021  
A plan of action, this morning, as I dreamt of a new game.


"Rumbleground" was the title I jotted down. I'm not sure how interestingly I can get the ground to rumble, but the idea of an enemy being under the ground, and you having to battle it from above..
.. Sounds like a vaguely interesting idea.

But can I pull it off?
Let's wait and see!


An email alert arrived about an hour after I woke up, extra early, to tell me the new Microwave wouldn't be delivered until about 3 o'clock this afternoon. *tsk*

Hate it when that happens.
Could've had a lovely long lie-in.

.. Well, I say that, but it was actually the Rumbleground idea that woke me up, not the alarm clock. So.. Meh!


Rumbleground is a music festival events thing or something..?
I'll probably go with "Rumbled Ground" then.

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